Daily Lessons for Teaching August: Osage County

Tracy Letts
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Lesson 1 (from Stage Directions and Prologue)


August: Osage County is a multi-award winning play by Tracy Letts. The play relates the story of multiple generations of one family and their struggles to come to grips with the unexpected death of the family’s patriarch. In the play’s Prologue, patriarch Beverly Weston interviews a young Native American woman for a housekeeping position. In this lesson, students will research playwright Tracy Letts, examine dramatic structure, analyze the Stage Directions, and discuss the setting of August: Osage County.


Research Activity: Conduct research on playwright Tracy Letts and the publication of August: Osage County. When was the play first produced? Where did it premiere? What awards did Letts earn for August: Osage County?

Class Discussion: As a class, define and discuss the elements of dramatic structure, including the following: Upstage, Downstage, Stage Left, Stage Right, Props, Set Design, Stage Directions, etc. Have students read...

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