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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cecilia lead Robbie when he begins to apologize for the note?

2. What is Jack actually doing when he calls up with the answer to #136?

3. What is Robbie afraid Briony is going to mention at the dinner table?

4. Who treats the inspectors in a condescending manner?

5. What does Emily think Jack will call soon to say to her, as he does quite often?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who enters the library and catches Robbie and Cecilia?

2. Who are the three stragglers that are moving toward a bombed out house as they attempt to find a shortcut to the sea?

3. What is Cecilia doing in response to the attack?

4. What does Leon have to say about England in hot weather?

5. Why do the probationers live in constant fear of Sister Marjorie Drummond?

6. What does Briony decide about the letter that Robbie has written to Cecilia?

7. How does Briony escape Cecelia's questioning?

8. What does Briony picture has happened to the twins?

9. What does Emily think her husband will do soon?

10. What is Jack's response to the disappearance of the twins?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While it seems this story is one about people, the setting also has something to tell the reader in terms of the characters' behaviors and their interactions.

Part 1: Describe the setting of the story in the first part of the book.

Part 2: Describe the setting in the "1999" section of the book.

Part 3: What does the setting seem to say about the Tallis family? What is the overall mood from start to finish in this setting?

Essay Topic 2

The library scene between Robbie and Cecilia is one that can shock readers, while also causing them to learn more about these two characters and their feelings for each other.

Part 1: Why do you think this scene was narrated by Robbie instead of Cecilia?

Part 2: How did you feel about Robbie before the scene? After the scene?

Part 3: How does this scene show the true feelings between these two characters?

Essay Topic 3

The vase becomes a symbolic item in this story, with its glorious return to the family, then its breaking, repair, and then eventual demise.

Part 1: What is the story of the vase's return to the family?

Part 2: How does the vase become broken in the first place?

Part 3: What does the breaking and repair of the case seem to symbolize in relation to the relationship between Robbie and Cecilia?

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