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Short Answer Questions

1. What is all that remains of the surprising scene to which Briony is a witness?

2. What does Lola not want the answer to #54 to talk about around her brothers?

3. Who does Cecilia think has his eye on Lola, as she has observed from his behavior around Lola?

4. What is also attacked for wasting Briony's time, as she criticizes herself?

5. What does Marshall give to the children in this room as he is talking to them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Briony the one who is left with the adults to tell the story?

2. How does Briony escape Cecelia's questioning?

3. What has been haunting Emily lately?

4. What does Briony picture has happened to the twins?

5. What does Lola ask of Marshall in as grown-up a manner as she can muster?

6. Describe the state of Cecilia at the beginning of this section.

7. What is the explanation for the disembodied human leg that Briony thinks she sees?

8. Where does Briony imagine herself to be?

9. What is Cecilia doing in response to the attack?

10. What causes Cecilia to stop fixing the vase?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The vase becomes a symbolic item in this story, with its glorious return to the family, then its breaking, repair, and then eventual demise.

Part 1: What is the story of the vase's return to the family?

Part 2: How does the vase become broken in the first place?

Part 3: What does the breaking and repair of the case seem to symbolize in relation to the relationship between Robbie and Cecilia?

Essay Topic 2

The ending of Atonement is one that can be confusing to the reader, as Briony is the one telling the tale.

Part 1: What are the two endings to the story of Atonement?

Part 2: Which ending seems to be "real" in terms of the storytelling? Which one is more believable?

Part 3: What do you think happens to Cecilia and Robbie at the end of this story?

Essay Topic 3

The letter from Robbie to Cecilia sets off a chain of events in many respects. The importance of this letter cannot be denied.

Part 1: Why does Robbie write this letter in the first place? What is he trying to achieve?

Part 2: Why does Robbie decide to write another letter that is less crude? Why would he have been so crude in the first place?

Part 3: Why is Cecilia not bothered by the crudeness of the letter she does receive? What does this say about her?

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