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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened on the beautiful morning of June, 1932, as recalled by Robbie during his travels?
(a) Making love to Cecilia
(b) Seeing Cecilia swim in the fountain
(c) Coming to the Tallis house for the first time
(d) Giving Briony a swimming lesson

2. What is Robbie afraid Briony is going to mention at the dinner table?
(a) The library incident
(b) The word he used in the letter
(c) The vase
(d) The note

3. Who sounds like an officer and can read a compass, which will come in handy as they are searching for their way?
(a) Nettle
(b) Robbie Turner
(c) Leon
(d) Mace

4. Who says to Cecilia that they want to be in Briony's play and that is why they are upset?
(a) Briony
(b) Jackson
(c) Pierrot
(d) Lola

5. What does Briony grab in order to prove the story she is telling to the head inspector?
(a) The letter from Jack to Robbie
(b) The vase
(c) The handkerchief
(d) The note from Robbie

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose presence makes the household settle, which is why everyone is quiet and slows down by the closed library door?

2. Who wants to change the menu to cold cuts instead of the original plan for the dinner arrangements?

3. Who is loud and jolly, and nothing like Lola, according to Briony's observations?

4. On whose cheek does Robbie notice a scratch when they are all sitting down to dinner?

5. How many stragglers have reached a bombed out house in order to figure out a shortcut to the sea in the beginning of this chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lola's response to the letter that Robbie has written for Cecilia, as told to her by Briony?

2. What does Briony decide about the letter that Robbie has written to Cecilia?

3. What is Cecilia doing in response to the attack?

4. How does Cecilia react to Robbie's apology to her about the note?

5. How does Briony reveal her true self within this section?

6. What does Emily think her husband will do soon?

7. What does Briony think Cecilia is telling Leon when Briony sees them walking together a distance away?

8. Who approaches Cecilia as she is changing for dinner?

9. What does Briony picture has happened to the twins?

10. Why is Betty furious with Emily?

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