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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Emily believes ______ will leave, just as _______ did. This causes Emily to feel self-pity for these lost people in her life.
(a) Briony, Leon
(b) Lola, Cecilia
(c) Cecilia, Hermione
(d) Briony, Cecilia

2. Who is loud and jolly, and nothing like Lola, according to Briony's observations?
(a) Cecelia
(b) Marjorie
(c) Fiona
(d) Anne Marie

3. Why are maniacs so dangerous, at least in Lola's eyes, as she is talking to Briony?
(a) They are insane.
(b) They can attack anyone.
(c) They are unpredictable.
(d) They are all rapists.

4. Who does Briony say is the attack of the answer to #151?
(a) Danny
(b) Jack
(c) Robbie
(d) Paul

5. What does Lola declare Robbie to be after Briony reveals the contents of the letter Robbie wrote for Cecilia?
(a) Insane criminal
(b) Psychopath
(c) Lover
(d) Maniac

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sounds like an officer and can read a compass, which will come in handy as they are searching for their way?

2. Who is glaring at Robbie as the dinner meal is beginning?

3. Which army is retreating during the course of this chapter, although it is euphemistically referred to as making strategic withdrawals t more previously prepared positions?

4. To whom does Briony send off a manuscript, though it is not accepted for publication as it is not the right fit for this company?

5. Who does the answer to #151 say that she saw?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Briony decide about the letter that Robbie has written to Cecilia?

2. What has been haunting Emily lately?

3. How does Briony escape Cecelia's questioning?

4. Why is Briony the one who is left with the adults to tell the story?

5. What does Leon have to say about England in hot weather?

6. What does Briony picture has happened to the twins?

7. How does Cecilia react to Robbie's apology to her about the note?

8. Where does Cecilia run off to in order to be free of her mother?

9. How does Briony reveal her true self within this section?

10. What has happened to Lola, according to Briony?

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