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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is glaring at Robbie as the dinner meal is beginning?
(a) Briony
(b) Leon
(c) Cecilia
(d) Emily

2. Cecilia tell Robbie that she has been ______ with him and with herself all day.
(a) Thankful
(b) Helpful
(c) Furious
(d) Happy

3. What does Briony notice the twins are wearing after they ask to be excused from dinner?
(a) Hats
(b) Coats
(c) New shirts
(d) Socks

4. Where is Robbie injured according to the opening of this second of the book?
(a) His abdomen
(b) His head
(c) His leg
(d) His arm

5. Which army is retreating during the course of this chapter, although it is euphemistically referred to as making strategic withdrawals t more previously prepared positions?
(a) United States
(b) Germany
(c) Britain
(d) Russia

6. Where does Cecilia lead Robbie when he begins to apologize for the note?
(a) Dinner
(b) Her bedroom
(c) Library
(d) Sitting room

7. Who is the character that startles Briony as she is trying to write another story for her brother?
(a) Cecilia
(b) Lola
(c) Ronnie
(d) Leon

8. How many stragglers have reached a bombed out house in order to figure out a shortcut to the sea in the beginning of this chapter?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 3

9. Whose presence makes the household settle, which is why everyone is quiet and slows down by the closed library door?
(a) Leon
(b) Danny Hardman
(c) Emily
(d) Jack Tallis

10. Who does Briony tell about the attack first when she and the victim are walking toward the bridge?
(a) Emily
(b) Paul
(c) Danny
(d) Leon

11. Who does Briony say is the attack of the answer to #151?
(a) Robbie
(b) Jack
(c) Danny
(d) Paul

12. The first line of Briony's story used to be: "there was an/a __________ who _________."
(a) Woman, jumped into the fountain
(b) Man, wanted to kiss a girl
(c) Lady, swallowed a fly
(d) Girl, lived by herself

13. What does Lola declare Robbie to be after Briony reveals the contents of the letter Robbie wrote for Cecilia?
(a) Lover
(b) Maniac
(c) Insane criminal
(d) Psychopath

14. What is Jack actually doing when he calls up with the answer to #136?
(a) Sleeping with another woman
(b) Committing crimes
(c) Working
(d) Traveling

15. What are moths actually looking for, instead of the light, according to Emily's recollection of her education?
(a) The best food source
(b) Other moths
(c) The darkest place
(d) The lights

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is loud and jolly, and nothing like Lola, according to Briony's observations?

2. How long does Emily lie on the sofa, thinking about everyone else's lives and how they relate to her own feelings?

3. Who is the 'tiresome little prima donna?"

4. Which of the Tallis siblings does not seem to have any ambition or any direction to his/her life?

5. Who sounds like an officer and can read a compass, which will come in handy as they are searching for their way?

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