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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of writer does Briony become at this point?
(a) Creative archetypal
(b) Immoral mental creationism
(c) Amoral psychological realism
(d) Irrealism narrative

2. Who comes to the doorway of Lola and her brothers to introduce themselves?
(a) Leon
(b) Jack
(c) Danny
(d) Marshall

3. What university do Cecilia and Robbie both attend?
(a) Dartmouth
(b) Wellingston
(c) Oxford
(d) Cambridge

4. What has fallen into disrepair, which is a shame as it is an architectural point of interest?
(a) The gazebo
(b) The fountain
(c) Island temple
(d) The house itself

5. Where does Lola see Briony, thus realizing that the play is dead?
(a) On the island
(b) By the lake
(c) In the fountain
(d) In her bedroom

6. Who is the friend of Cecilia's brother that is coming to visit?
(a) Leon
(b) Jack Tallis
(c) Roger Darthmouth
(d) Paul Marshall

7. About what subject is the book from the library that Robbie borrowed days before?
(a) Fountains
(b) Gardening
(c) Anatomy
(d) Versailles

8. What is Briony freed from when she writes a play, much to her delight?
(a) Grammar
(b) Good spelling
(c) Full sentences
(d) The "She saids"

9. What does Briony think Robbie is asking Cecilia to do?
(a) Marry him
(b) Leave him
(c) Give him money
(d) Give him the vase

10. What does Briony think she should have done for her brother?
(a) Written a poem
(b) Made him a medal
(c) Written a story
(d) Nothing

11. Whose passing into adulthood is Emily mourning in this section of the book?
(a) Cecilia
(b) Lola
(c) Hermione
(d) Briony

12. What is all that remains of the surprising scene to which Briony is a witness?
(a) A wet patch on the ground
(b) A note
(c) A handkerchief of Cecilia's
(d) A scream from Robbie

13. What does Lola laugh with when she is called to her bath time with her brothers?
(a) A mouth of cola
(b) Green candy
(c) Pink candy
(d) Her hands over her mouth

14. What is the word Robbie adds in impulsively to the letter, although he decides he will not send that copy to Cecilia?
(a) Penis
(b) Sex
(c) Thrust
(d) Cunt

15. What does Emily want to turn the roast into for Leon's arrival?
(a) A soup
(b) A casserole
(c) A gravied meat dish
(d) Cold cuts

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls Lola and her brothers to their bath, causing the meeting with the answer to #54 to be over?

2. At what age does Briony write her first short story, allowing for the beginning of her life's writing escapades?

3. Who does Emily count on to care for the guests when they arrive, which calms Emily and allows her to sleep?

4. To what age does Robbie's imagination take him as he is thinking about his and Cecilia's future?

5. What has Leon seen Briony doing by the lake?

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