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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through London, 1999.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Emily convinced sabotaged Briony's play?
(a) Cecilia
(b) Lola
(c) Robbie
(d) Hermione

2. What is also attacked for wasting Briony's time, as she criticizes herself?
(a) Lola
(b) The vase
(c) Playwriting
(d) Marshall

3. When did Emily's illnesses and her stillness begin in her life?
(a) 10 years of age
(b) 10 years ago
(c) 8 years of age
(d) This year

4. Who sounds like an officer and can read a compass, which will come in handy as they are searching for their way?
(a) Mace
(b) Leon
(c) Nettle
(d) Robbie Turner

5. Who does Emily think might be suitable in terms of marrying Cecilia?
(a) Robbie
(b) Julian
(c) Danny
(d) Marshall

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emily think Jack will call soon to say to her, as he does quite often?

2. What is Jack actually doing when he calls up with the answer to #136?

3. To what age does Robbie's imagination take him as he is thinking about his and Cecilia's future?

4. Who calls for Briony to help her?

5. Where does Lola see Briony, thus realizing that the play is dead?

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