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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Briony notice the twins are wearing after they ask to be excused from dinner?
(a) Hats
(b) Coats
(c) New shirts
(d) Socks

2. Why does Emily retreat to her bedroom every afternoon?
(a) To see her lover
(b) To hide from her life
(c) To avoid a migraine
(d) To take drugs

3. Who does Briony tell about the attack first when she and the victim are walking toward the bridge?
(a) Paul
(b) Leon
(c) Danny
(d) Emily

4. Who is Emily reluctant to deal with in the beginning of this section, after the group realizes the twins have run away?
(a) Lola
(b) Hermione
(c) Jack
(d) The constable

5. What play does the answer to #54 talk about with Lola?
(a) Hamlet
(b) Arabella
(c) Macbeth
(d) Romeo and Juliet

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wants to change the menu to cold cuts instead of the original plan for the dinner arrangements?

2. What does Emily make sure the children have done before she retreats?

3. Who goads who as Robbie and Cecilia are making love?

4. When Briony's fantasy fades, the difficult _________ occurs.

5. Emily believes the twins will probably be back before the __________ could arrive.

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