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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Briony thinks about the effort it would take to groom herself like ________.
(a) Emily
(b) Lola
(c) Betty
(d) Cecilia

2. Who does Emily count on to care for the guests when they arrive, which calms Emily and allows her to sleep?
(a) Cecilia
(b) Betty
(c) Briony
(d) Lola

3. Which character's profession is in banking, something which is dull and uninspiring to them?
(a) Leon
(b) Marshall
(c) Robbie
(d) Cecilia

4. What is Lola's relation to Briony?
(a) Cousin
(b) Aunt
(c) Sister
(d) Friend

5. Who is the friend of Cecilia's brother that is coming to visit?
(a) Roger Darthmouth
(b) Jack Tallis
(c) Paul Marshall
(d) Leon

Short Answer Questions

1. With what degree has Robbie graduated from university?

2. How old are the twins, Jackson and Pierrot?

3. Briony often wonders if others think about life's _________ as much as she does.

4. Robbie's mother, __________, is a woman whose services are greatly valued by the Tallis family.

5. What is wrong, according to the dictionary, and according to Briony's discovery in that dictionary?

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