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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Briony rip in half when she enters the room where Cecilia is sitting?
(a) Her notebook
(b) A poster for her play
(c) A piece of tissue
(d) A page of the script

2. Who casts themselves as the protector of Cecilia as they see Cecilia going into the library with Robbie?
(a) Lola
(b) Briony
(c) Leon
(d) Emily

3. Where does Robbie want to go, with the help of the money of Jack Tallis?
(a) Europe
(b) Medical school
(c) Live a carefree life
(d) Engineering classes

4. Who do the twins blame for having to be in the house of the Tallis family?
(a) Their parents
(b) Cecilia
(c) Emily
(d) Lola

5. What does Cecila prepare to help brighten up the room of the guest who is arriving soon?
(a) A small basket of soaps
(b) The bedspread
(c) The bathroom
(d) A vase of flowers

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Emily retreat to her bedroom every afternoon?

2. What breaks when Robbie and Cecilia argue over who will help with filling it?

3. What does Robbie do for the Tallis family?

4. What does Emily scoff at that has caused her older sister to leave her children?

5. Who strips to his/her underwear to retrieve the broken piece?

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