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The Trials of Arabella

This play is Briony's first venture into drama, written for her brother Leon's homecoming. The play is abandoned in 1935, but it is touchingly staged by young relatives in 1999 at the author's 77th birthday celebration. Its childish, fairy-book theme of forbidden love fulfilled is lived out, tragically, by Cecilia and Robbie.

The Tallis Estate

The location is the scene of the novel's first part, located in the Surrey Hills in southeast England. It was built grandly in the 1880's and more prosaically after a fire in 1930. Two bridges lead over a lake, where a dilapidated decorative temple stands in the center that young Briony considers her domain.

The Vase

This item is an authenticated Meissen piece, painted by Höroldt in 1726 and almost certainly owned by King August. This item stands apart from the worthless pieces in the Tallis home. Uncle Clem rescued it from...

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