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Your Own Letter of Atonement

Have students each write out a letter of atonement to someone in their lives, but they do not have to send them to anyone.

What Might Cecilia Have Written Back?

Had Cecilia written Robbie back after that first letter, what might her letter have said?

The Story of Robbie and Cecilia

If Robbie had sent the copy of the letter he had meant to send, what might have happened to this couple? Have students write a short narrative about what might have happened between these two, if anything.

Watching the Movie - Atonement

Have students watch the recent movie release of Atonement to see what changed in the film version. Do the students agree or disagree with this movie's portrayal of the characters?

Acting Out the Prologue to Arabella

Have each student read this prologue out loud to the class to see how...

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