Atonement Character Descriptions

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Briony Tallis - This character is introduced in the summer of 1935 as a precocious 13-year-old aspiring writer with a penchant for order and secrecy. She is the baby of the family, virtually an only child. She begins writing clumsy, imaginative short stories at age 11.

Robbie Turner - This character is introduced as a 23-year-old gardener. This character is the only son of the family's cleaning lady.

Cecilia (Cee) Tallis Turner - Introduced as a condescending, intrusive, nicotine-addicted 23-year-old sister, this character is on summer vacation from Cambridge, bored and ready to get on with her life but reluctant to make the effort.

Lola Quincey Marshall - This character comes to stay with the Tallises during her parents' divorce proceedings. This character has green eyes, sharp facial contours, a brittle personality, a strong will and a quick temper.

Paul Marshall - This character is almost-handsome, ill-barbered and an...

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