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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the regulation that effectively kills all creativity in business?
(a) The Business Licensing Act
(b) The Patents and Copyrights Act
(c) Directive 10-289
(d) The Transcontinental Act

2. What literary device does Rand use to show the end of Eddie's dream of one day marrying Dagny.
(a) The metaphor of watching as her train leaves in the darkness.
(b) The metaphor of putting out his cigarette.
(c) The metaphor of darkness falling over the city.
(d) The metaphor of her door closing behind her.

3. Why does James Taggart insist that Rearden will always produce, even if he doesn't like the conditions?
(a) Because producing is in his blood.
(b) Because he would be bored if he did nothing.
(c) Because he will want to keep on helping Dagny.
(d) Because he always caves in.

4. What is the irony of Dr. Robert Stadler's death?
(a) He had always protected John Galt from men like Meigs.
(b) He went bravely to his death still believing he was right.
(c) He was killed trying to save the world.
(d) He was killed in the place he had run to for safety.

5. When Dagny is held up by the stopped train, how does she continue her way to Colorado?
(a) She buys a car and drives the rest of the way.
(b) She hitchhikes to Colorado.
(c) She calls Hank to come take her the rest of the way.
(d) She buys a plane and flies there.

6. What does Hank find when he returns to Rearden Metal plant?
(a) Phillip is there trying to run the company.
(b) All is quite.
(c) The Wet Nurse is there waiting for him.
(d) It is in a stage of siege.

7. When Kellogg gives Dagny a cigarette marked with the $ sign, why does he give her an entire pack of the cigarettes?
(a) Because she doesn't ask him anything about the cigarettes.
(b) Because she forgot her cigarettes in New York.
(c) Because she thinks they are very pretty.
(d) Because he says she's earned it.

8. How does Dagny let it be known that she is back after her plane crashed?
(a) She takes out an ad in the New York papers.
(b) She fakes a plane crash in Nebraska.
(c) She notifies the press in Nebraska.
(d) She goes on the radio to announce that she is all right.

9. What is happening to trains everywhere in the nation?
(a) They stop running because of fear after the tunnel wreck.
(b) They run out of coal.
(c) They all derail.
(d) They are abandoned and the crews vanish.

10. In the former hotel suite of Francisco d'Anconia, what is the subtle meaning of that location when Rearden meets Mouch and the "Washington boys"?
(a) In a socialist society, those in power do not give up luxuries.
(b) It demonstrates the equality of the bosses and the people.
(c) It shows high regard for Francisco and all he stands for.
(d) It shames Rearden because he can no longer afford such luxury.

11. How does Dagny now realize that the government had used her, Rearden, and other industrialists?
(a) By their greed.
(b) By their stupidity.
(c) By their helplessness.
(d) By their love of work and producing.

12. How has Cherryl changed from the dime store clerk James married?
(a) Now she has risen in poise and social stature.
(b) She is no longer innocent but plays the part of a shop girl to fool society.
(c) she has learned how to get more and more money out of James.
(d) She has even less of an idea about things than she did when they married.

13. What crisis brings Rearden before the Unification Board?
(a) Rearden's refusal to make steel.
(b) The need for Rearden Metal to decrease its production.
(c) A plan to return Rearden Metal to Hank.
(d) The steel workers strike demanding higher wages.

14. What is the significance of John Galt's transmitter that can block anything the government has?
(a) It symbolizes how it is easy to force other people to think in a certain way.
(b) It shows that John Galt is ready to cooperate with the government.
(c) It symbolizes the superiority of industry over communistic ideas.
(d) It symbolizes the guns Galt and his people will use against the society.

15. What is the music heard in the valley as the industrial "strikers" arrive?
(a) Tomorrow Is Another Day
(b) Beethoven's Ode to Joy
(c) Halley's Fifth Piano Concerto
(d) Look for the Silver Lining

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to visit the dejected Dagny at her cabin near Woodstock?

2. Why does Lillian come to see James Taggart?

3. Who is playing the piano at John Galt's house?

4. How is the secret of their location kept from the outside world?

5. Where does Hank finally meet up with Danneskjtzld?

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