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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Dagny to resign from Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) The closing of the John Galt Line
(b) Eddie's resignation
(c) Directive 10-289
(d) Francisco's telephone call

2. What does Dagny's insistence on working as housemaid for John Galt say about her.
(a) It describes her work ethic.
(b) It shows that she has little self-esteem.
(c) It is a ploy to keep them from sending her away.
(d) It indicates that she wants to escape the valley.

3. What is the symbolism of the explosion in the Colorado tunnel?
(a) It marks the end of the Unification Board.
(b) It represents the end of an era.
(c) It represents the poor quality goods industrialists offer out of greed.
(d) It is what happens when logic and reason are abandoned for political expediency.

4. What does Hank find when he returns to Rearden Metal plant?
(a) The Wet Nurse is there waiting for him.
(b) All is quite.
(c) It is in a stage of siege.
(d) Phillip is there trying to run the company.

5. What causes Dagny to return to Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) Her boredom.
(b) Her disgust with Francisco.
(c) News of the tunnel wreck.
(d) James' telephone call.

6. What is the significance of John Galt's transmitter that can block anything the government has?
(a) It symbolizes the guns Galt and his people will use against the society.
(b) It shows that John Galt is ready to cooperate with the government.
(c) It symbolizes the superiority of industry over communistic ideas.
(d) It symbolizes how it is easy to force other people to think in a certain way.

7. When Dagny is held up by the stopped train, how does she continue her way to Colorado?
(a) She buys a plane and flies there.
(b) She buys a car and drives the rest of the way.
(c) She calls Hank to come take her the rest of the way.
(d) She hitchhikes to Colorado.

8. while John Galt is being held in a plush hotel suite, what is happening in the country?
(a) More businesses are closing and more great minds are disappearing.
(b) Everything comes to a standstill while they wait for Galt's economic plan.
(c) The people in Atlantis decide to assassinate Galt before he tells everything.
(d) The people who had disappeared return to help Galt.

9. What is the contrast between Dagny's response to the socialistic society and Cherryl's?
(a) Cherryl resigns herself to poverty but Dagny finds ways of making more money.
(b) Dagny fights, but Cherryl commits suicide.
(c) Dagny gives up but Cherryl makes James Taggart suffer.
(d) Cherryl understands everything, but Dagny is confused.

10. How do the police finally locate John Galt?
(a) They put a trace on his radio broadcasts.
(b) They announce that they are holding Dagny hostage.
(c) They follow Dagny who leads them to her.
(d) Eddie Willers accidentally calls him by name at work.

11. Danneskjtzld contrasts himself with what legendary hero?
(a) Achilles
(b) Robin Hood
(c) Zorro
(d) Prometheus

12. What happens to all the South American d'Anconia Copper Mines immediately after they are nationalized by the various governments?
(a) The US government realizes it will now have to pay more for copper.
(b) The mines all prove to be worthless and used up.
(c) The price of copper jumps to an all time high.
(d) The are blown up and the top management disappears.

13. What is the music heard in the valley as the industrial "strikers" arrive?
(a) Tomorrow Is Another Day
(b) Beethoven's Ode to Joy
(c) Halley's Fifth Piano Concerto
(d) Look for the Silver Lining

14. How is Project X, a weapon of mass murder, define Rand's view of communism?
(a) It takes away material things and destroys the world that capitalism has built.
(b) It defines the limits of a Cold War.
(c) It shows that absolute power is good for the people in general.
(d) It shows how powerful communism is and there is no way to defeat it.

15. What, according to Rand, is worse than taking someone's life?
(a) Refusing to help the poor.
(b) Having an affair with a married person.
(c) Taking someone's life's work.
(d) Working only for the joy of creation and invention.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message on the city calendar marquee made Rearden laugh out loud?

2. How does Dagny let it be known that she is back after her plane crashed?

3. How does Hank protect Danneskjtzld when the police arrive?

4. What is the irony of Dr. Robert Stadler's death?

5. When Kellogg gives Dagny a cigarette marked with the $ sign, why does he give her an entire pack of the cigarettes?

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