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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The communistic government wanted people to sacrifice their minds and products for the good of society. How is John Galt more honorable?
(a) He thinks if people are allowed to create, they don't care about money.
(b) He does not believe sacrifice is necessary.
(c) Galt is willing to sacrifice his life for the good of society.
(d) He believes the disappearing executives are wrong.

2. What happens to a radio broadcast planned for the Head of State?
(a) Dagny agrees to be a part of the broadcast.
(b) John Galt takes over the broadcast to tell the world what has happened to the disappeared thinkers and producers.
(c) John Galt jams their broadcast so that the air is completely dead.
(d) The radio broadcast explains why everything is happening for the good of the people.

3. When Dagny is held up by the stopped train, how does she continue her way to Colorado?
(a) She buys a car and drives the rest of the way.
(b) She calls Hank to come take her the rest of the way.
(c) She buys a plane and flies there.
(d) She hitchhikes to Colorado.

4. What is happening to trains everywhere in the nation?
(a) They all derail.
(b) They are abandoned and the crews vanish.
(c) They run out of coal.
(d) They stop running because of fear after the tunnel wreck.

5. After Francisco leaves her apartment, what does Dagny finally admit to Rearden?
(a) That he needed to go back to Lillian.
(b) That she could no longer see him.
(c) That Francisco was her first lover.
(d) That she was returning to Taggart Transcontinental.

6. The Unification Board is now in complete control and more regulations are passed. What is the result?
(a) Production on everything increases.
(b) More businesses and executives disapear.
(c) People now have more money to spend.
(d) The government refuses to nationalize businesses to save jobs.

7. What is the symbolism of the gold $ sign on the cigarettes?
(a) It is a symbol of how expensive cigarettes become under communism.
(b) It predicts the high cost of cigarettes in the future.
(c) It is reall a capital U overlaid with a capital S in gold to remind users of US capitalism.
(d) It is a secret mark that designates a revolutionary war to come.

8. Who comes to visit the dejected Dagny at her cabin near Woodstock?
(a) Hank
(b) James
(c) Francisco
(d) Eddie

9. How does James Taggart demonstrate his disdain for money?
(a) He gives his money to Lillian.
(b) He buys Cherryl an improbably large diamond.
(c) He burns his money in the fireplace.
(d) He gives a hundred dollar bill to a beggar.

10. Hank realizes that their affair is over. What ended it?
(a) Dagny is infatuated with Ragnar Danneskjtzld.
(b) Dagny wants to return to Francisco now that she understands him.
(c) Dagny can no longer let Hank cheat on Lillian.
(d) Dagny has fallen in love with John Galt.

11. Who is the handsome blond man Dagny meets on her first morning in the valley?
(a) Sebastian d'Anconia
(b) Richard Halley
(c) Ragnar Danneskjtzld
(d) John Galt's brother

12. What is the name of the regulation that effectively kills all creativity in business?
(a) The Transcontinental Act
(b) Directive 10-289
(c) The Patents and Copyrights Act
(d) The Business Licensing Act

13. After Hank Rearden disappears, what special favor is granted Dagny by the citizens of "Atlantis"?
(a) They allow her to receive a message from Hank.
(b) They tell her where she can find John Galt.
(c) They give her another invitation to join them.
(d) They allow her to tell everyone where Hank has gone.

14. How much will it cost Dagny to repair her airplane?
(a) $200.00 in gold
(b) $10,000.00 in US dollars
(c) Nothing, they do everything there for free
(d) The plane cannot be repaired

15. What is the significance of John Galt's transmitter that can block anything the government has?
(a) It symbolizes the guns Galt and his people will use against the society.
(b) It symbolizes how it is easy to force other people to think in a certain way.
(c) It shows that John Galt is ready to cooperate with the government.
(d) It symbolizes the superiority of industry over communistic ideas.

Short Answer Questions

1. while John Galt is being held in a plush hotel suite, what is happening in the country?

2. What does James Taggart say that indicates he realizes the seriousness of the situation with the Unification Board?

3. What is Hank's reaction when he discovers Francisco in Dagny's apartment?

4. How does John Galt mock the government men when the power goes out at the State Science Institute while he is still strapped to Project F?

5. Why does the siege represent a "Concerto of Deliverance"?

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