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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Hank finally meet up with Danneskjtzld?
(a) In Dagny's cabin.
(b) On his walk at night.
(c) At his apartment in the city.
(d) In the ruins of Rearden Metal.

2. The Unification Board is now in complete control and more regulations are passed. What is the result?
(a) People now have more money to spend.
(b) The government refuses to nationalize businesses to save jobs.
(c) Production on everything increases.
(d) More businesses and executives disapear.

3. What will be the only way Dagny can return to the valley?
(a) John Galt, her last key before the door closes forever.
(b) She can return only if Hank decides to come with her.
(c) She will have to crash her plane again.
(d) James Taggart will have to be eliminated.

4. What causes Dagny to resign from Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) Francisco's telephone call
(b) The closing of the John Galt Line
(c) Eddie's resignation
(d) Directive 10-289

5. What does Galt suggest Thompson do if he is sincere about economic reform?
(a) Divide all the money in the country evenly between all adults.
(b) Raise taxes and close all non-essential businesses.
(c) Set up a commission to regulate the flow of money.
(d) Abolish income taxes and fire all government employees.

6. when Dagny comes to after her plane crashes in the Colorado mountains, who is the first person she sees?
(a) Hank Rearden
(b) Francisco d'Anconia
(c) John Galt
(d) Quentin Daniels

7. What is the significance of John Galt's transmitter that can block anything the government has?
(a) It shows that John Galt is ready to cooperate with the government.
(b) It symbolizes the superiority of industry over communistic ideas.
(c) It symbolizes how it is easy to force other people to think in a certain way.
(d) It symbolizes the guns Galt and his people will use against the society.

8. What does Dagny's insistence on working as housemaid for John Galt say about her.
(a) It shows that she has little self-esteem.
(b) It indicates that she wants to escape the valley.
(c) It is a ploy to keep them from sending her away.
(d) It describes her work ethic.

9. Ultimately, what is the only light remaining on the earth outside of Atlantis?
(a) The light of the east bound Comet.
(b) Wyatt's Torch
(c) A lighthouse beacon.
(d) The lights of New York City.

10. What is the symbolism of the explosion in the Colorado tunnel?
(a) It represents the end of an era.
(b) It represents the poor quality goods industrialists offer out of greed.
(c) It is what happens when logic and reason are abandoned for political expediency.
(d) It marks the end of the Unification Board.

11. How does Dagny deal with the failure of communications on the Taggart Transcontinental when copper wire breaks and cannot be quickly replaced?
(a) She reverts to manual switching and lantern signals.
(b) She stops all trains until the lines can be repaired.
(c) She turns the problem over to Cuffy Meigs.
(d) She goes to James to find out what to do.

12. After Hank Rearden disappears, what special favor is granted Dagny by the citizens of "Atlantis"?
(a) They allow her to tell everyone where Hank has gone.
(b) They allow her to receive a message from Hank.
(c) They tell her where she can find John Galt.
(d) They give her another invitation to join them.

13. What revelation does Eddie Willers get when he hears the radio broadcast?
(a) He suddenly knows who his friend in the cafeteria was.
(b) He understands why he will marry Dagny.
(c) He realizes that Dagny has been wrong all the time.
(d) He discovers that James Taggart has been leading a double life.

14. Danneskjtzld contrasts himself with what legendary hero?
(a) Robin Hood
(b) Zorro
(c) Prometheus
(d) Achilles

15. What does Danneskjtzld leave behind when he disappears into the darkness?
(a) A bar of gold
(b) The number to a bank account
(c) Another gun for Hank to carry
(d) His calling card

Short Answer Questions

1. What was John Galt's connection to Twentieth Century Motors?

2. What happens to a radio broadcast planned for the Head of State?

3. How does Dagny now realize that the government had used her, Rearden, and other industrialists?

4. What message on the city calendar marquee made Rearden laugh out loud?

5. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?

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