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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 9 "The Generator".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lillian come to see James Taggart?
(a) She thinks he is a handsome, desirable man.
(b) Lillian wants to get rid of Cherryl because she is so common.
(c) She thinks he is powerful enough to stop Hank from divorcing her.
(d) Lillian wants to find out more dirt on Dagny.

2. On a radio program what does Dagny say that causes the program to go suddenly off the air?
(a) She tells how government blackmail over her affair with Hank caused him to sign over Rearden Metal.
(b) She says that Hank's signature on the gift of Rearden Metal was forged.
(c) She says that Lillian was having an affair with Wesley Mouch.
(d) She says that Business Unification was responsible for blowing up Wyatt oil fields.

3. Who comes to visit the dejected Dagny at her cabin near Woodstock?
(a) Eddie
(b) James
(c) Francisco
(d) Hank

4. What promise does Dagny make before she returns to the outside world?
(a) She will return within one month.
(b) She will bring back Hank when she returns.
(c) She will destroy the railroad before she returns.
(d) She will not reveal anything about it or try to find it again.

5. Why does Cherryl go to visit Dagny?
(a) To ask if she can stay there for the night.
(b) To apologize for what she said on her wedding day.
(c) To accuse her of destroying James.
(d) To borrow money so she can leave James.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened to Dagny during the time that John Galt was recaptured and taken away?

2. When Dagny demands that Francisco tell her why Ellis Wyatt will be wiped out in Colorado, why does he refuse to tell her?

3. What revelation does Eddie Willers get when he hears the radio broadcast?

4. At the party, James Taggart demands that Francisco explain why the San Sebastian mines are worthless. What is Francisco's ironic reply?

5. Danneskjtzld contrasts himself with what legendary hero?

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