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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 9 "The Generator".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francisco d'Anconia say the socialists will use to replace "the aristocracy of money"?
(a) The commonality of all men
(b) The aristocracy of everyone
(c) The destruction of all aristocracy
(d) The aristocracy of influence.

2. How does James Taggart demonstrate his disdain for money?
(a) He buys Cherryl an improbably large diamond.
(b) He burns his money in the fireplace.
(c) He gives his money to Lillian.
(d) He gives a hundred dollar bill to a beggar.

3. What is the comparison Francisco makes between John Galt and Prometheus?
(a) John Galt is a Prometheus who changed his mind.
(b) John Galt believes the total end is near for all mankind.
(c) John Galt invented fire.
(d) John Galt has been eaten by vultures and is dead.

4. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?
(a) Dagny standing by the tracks
(b) The blue Rearden Metal rails
(c) The wreck of another train
(d) Wyatt's Torch

5. What, according to Rand, is worse than taking someone's life?
(a) Having an affair with a married person.
(b) Taking someone's life's work.
(c) Working only for the joy of creation and invention.
(d) Refusing to help the poor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Galt suggest Thompson do if he is sincere about economic reform?

2. Because of the Equity of Distribution Law, there is now a Deputy Director of Distribution handling all of Rearden Metal's orders. What is his nickname?

3. What becomes of James Taggart?

4. How does Dagny let it be known that she is back after her plane crashed?

5. What does Rearden say the government needed to win against him.

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