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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 9 "The Generator".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hank protect Danneskjtzld when the police arrive?
(a) He pretends to shoot Danneskjtzld who plays dead.
(b) He tells the police that Danneskjtzld is James Taggart in disguise.
(c) He pulls a gun on the police and chases them off.
(d) He tells the police that Danneskjtzld is his new bodyguard.

2. In being true to herself, Dagny still does not get what Francisco has been trying to tell her. What analogy does Francisco make that Dagny misses?
(a) He says everyone must travel the same road to Atlantis.
(b) He compares her now to the time she waited outside Dannager's office.
(c) He compares Dagny to the Unification Board.
(d) He suggests that the faceless men will take over.

3. What is the image Francisco d'Anconia has in the public eye?
(a) He is a noted philanthropist.
(b) He is planning to run for President.
(c) He is the diamond king.
(d) He is a worthless playboy.

4. After Rearden is knocked unconscious and comes to, who does he discover were helping to fight off the siege?
(a) John Galt and Ragnar Danneskjtzld
(b) Frank Adams and Francisco d'Anconia
(c) Jim Taggart and Wesley Mouch
(d) Phillip Rearden and Orren boyle

5. How is Project X, a weapon of mass murder, define Rand's view of communism?
(a) It shows that absolute power is good for the people in general.
(b) It shows how powerful communism is and there is no way to defeat it.
(c) It defines the limits of a Cold War.
(d) It takes away material things and destroys the world that capitalism has built.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the government plan to conserve copper and electricity?

2. What causes Dagny to resign from Taggart Transcontinental?

3. Why does Dagny take a leave of absence from her job as Vice President of Operations at Taggart Transcontinental?

4. How does Dagny locate John Galt?

5. when Dagny comes to after her plane crashes in the Colorado mountains, who is the first person she sees?

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