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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 9 "The Generator".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the contrast between Dagny's response to the socialistic society and Cherryl's?
(a) Dagny fights, but Cherryl commits suicide.
(b) Cherryl understands everything, but Dagny is confused.
(c) Dagny gives up but Cherryl makes James Taggart suffer.
(d) Cherryl resigns herself to poverty but Dagny finds ways of making more money.

2. What news does James Taggart receive that Dagny had predicted?
(a) The Mexican line is out of coal and must burn wood to run the trains.
(b) Rearden refusus to supply metal for any railroad rails.
(c) The US government is nationalizing all industry.
(d) The Mexican Government has nationalized the San Sebastian Mine and the Taggart railroad line

3. What conflict does Rand set up within the character of Dagny Taggart?
(a) Her belief that she is actually living in a dream.
(b) To stay in the valley or return to find satisfaction in work that saves the railroad.
(c) Her fear that Hank will not follow her there.
(d) Her discomfort at being where Francisco is.

4. What is the "Fifth Concerto"?
(a) An undiscovered work my Mozart.
(b) A composition to a dead oak tree.
(c) The theme song of the Taggart Transcontinental Railway.
(d) A composition by Richard Halley.

5. John Galt is strapped naked to a table with electrodes attached to various parts of his body. What does that symbolize?
(a) The impotence of the state and the power of the individual
(b) The inadequacies of John Galt's beliefs
(c) The power of the state and the vulnerability of the individual
(d) The ultimate victory of the state

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the cryptic question that sets the mood of suspense in ATLAS SHRUGGED?

2. What show of support does Dagny get from employees of Taggart Transcontinental?

3. How much will it cost Dagny to repair her airplane?

4. What is the name of the regulation that effectively kills all creativity in business?

5. Dr. Potter of the State Science Institute threatens Rearden who pretends not to understand his threats. Why?

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