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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 4 "Anti-Life".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Francisco leaves her apartment, what does Dagny finally admit to Rearden?
(a) That he needed to go back to Lillian.
(b) That Francisco was her first lover.
(c) That she was returning to Taggart Transcontinental.
(d) That she could no longer see him.

2. Why does Lillian come to see James Taggart?
(a) She thinks he is a handsome, desirable man.
(b) She thinks he is powerful enough to stop Hank from divorcing her.
(c) Lillian wants to find out more dirt on Dagny.
(d) Lillian wants to get rid of Cherryl because she is so common.

3. What promise does Dagny make before she returns to the outside world?
(a) She will not reveal anything about it or try to find it again.
(b) She will destroy the railroad before she returns.
(c) She will return within one month.
(d) She will bring back Hank when she returns.

4. What is so revolutionary about the motor that never went into production?
(a) It requires a totally new factory to build.
(b) It produces more power than regular engines.
(c) It runs on water.
(d) It draws its energy from static electricity in the atmosphere.

5. How old was Francisco when he took over d'Anconia Copper Mines?
(a) Thirty-one
(b) Twenty-seven
(c) Sixteen
(d) Twenty-three

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the symbolism of the explosion in the Colorado tunnel?

2. When Hank Rearden learns that the legislature has passed the Equalization of Opportunity Bill, what does he learn from Mouch, his lobbyist in Washington?

3. What does Hank Rearden's mother suggest is Phillip's qualification to work for Rearden Metal?

4. When Dagny stops at a newsstand buy cigarettes, what is the last thing the vendor says to her?

5. How does Dagny now realize that the government had used her, Rearden, and other industrialists?

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