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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 4 "Anti-Life".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Owen Kellogg's reply to Dagny when she asks him why he is resigning from Taggert Railway?
(a) Who is John Galt?
(b) You can't pay me what I'm worth.
(c) Railroads are a thing of the past.
(d) I'm going into business for myself.

2. Why does Dagny have to wait to get in to see Dannager when she goes to see him before his trial?
(a) Dannager blames Dagny for his legal problems.
(b) Dagny came without an appointment.
(c) Dannager really does not want to see Dagny.
(d) There is a mysterious man in his office.

3. What does Dagny object to about the San Sebastian Line?
(a) That the Mexican government will subsidise it.
(b) That is was not her idea.
(c) That it is using Rearden steel rails.
(d) That it is going to help the communist government.

4. Why does Cherryl go to visit Dagny?
(a) To borrow money so she can leave James.
(b) To accuse her of destroying James.
(c) To ask if she can stay there for the night.
(d) To apologize for what she said on her wedding day.

5. What is the result of the government's decision to divert coal to the People's Republic of England?
(a) People have to wait for needed food to arrive.
(b) Project X has to be put on hold.
(c) Produce from the West coast is held up for 3 days and everything spoils.
(d) Rearden Metal wins the contract to ship the steel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "Fifth Concerto"?

2. What is the cryptic question that sets the mood of suspense in ATLAS SHRUGGED?

3. Rand uses the failure of Twentieth Century Motors to make what point about socialism?

4. How does Lillian describe the bracelet?

5. What literary device does Rand use to show the end of Eddie's dream of one day marrying Dagny.

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