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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 4 "Anti-Life".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the symbolism of the gold $ sign on the cigarettes?
(a) It is a secret mark that designates a revolutionary war to come.
(b) It is reall a capital U overlaid with a capital S in gold to remind users of US capitalism.
(c) It predicts the high cost of cigarettes in the future.
(d) It is a symbol of how expensive cigarettes become under communism.

2. Dr. Stadler talks about having known John Galt who he believes is dead. What is his recollection of Galt?
(a) Galt was the brains behind the revolutionary motor.
(b) Galt was an insurrectionist and trouble maker.
(c) Galt was an early leader of the communist movement.
(d) Galt had the most brilliant mind he had ever encountered.

3. Why can Dagny not learn the name of the third student at Patrick Henry University according to Dr. Akston?
(a) He went to the university under an assumed name.
(b) Nobody really knows who he is.
(c) The school records were in a fire and his records were lost.
(d) She will only learn it when he chooses to tell her himself.

4. What does Dagny's insistence on working as housemaid for John Galt say about her.
(a) It is a ploy to keep them from sending her away.
(b) It describes her work ethic.
(c) It indicates that she wants to escape the valley.
(d) It shows that she has little self-esteem.

5. How does the organization, Friends of Global Progress, view Rearden Steel?
(a) That Rearden Steel will be its largest contributor.
(b) That Rearden Steel will one day belong to them.
(c) That Rearden represents the blackest element of social retrogression in the country.
(d) That it is an indignificant business that will likely fail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the comparison Francisco makes between John Galt and Prometheus?

2. How does Bertram Scudder, editor of "The Future" magazine, characterize Hank Rearden?

3. What is the problem Rearden sees in any government that professes to run by committee for the "public good."

4. When the Taggart board and the Washington influence peddlers meet, what is the irony of their meeting place?

5. What will be the only way Dagny can return to the valley?

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