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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 4 "Anti-Life".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to visit the dejected Dagny at her cabin near Woodstock?
(a) Francisco
(b) James
(c) Hank
(d) Eddie

2. Before Hank Rearden, Dagny has had only one lover. She will not tell Rearden his name. Who was he?
(a) Francisco d'Anconia
(b) Ragnar Danneskjtzld
(c) John Galt
(d) Eddie Willers

3. When Dagny is held up by the stopped train, how does she continue her way to Colorado?
(a) She hitchhikes to Colorado.
(b) She calls Hank to come take her the rest of the way.
(c) She buys a plane and flies there.
(d) She buys a car and drives the rest of the way.

4. Why will Amalgamated Switch and Signal Company not complete Dagny's order for switches and signals on the Colorado line?
(a) They made a deal with Jim Taggart not to supply the equipment.
(b) Too many people are opposed to Rearden metal.
(c) They cannot get the steel they need.
(d) They believe she cannot pay for the items.

5. When the Taggart board and the Washington influence peddlers meet, what is the irony of their meeting place?
(a) It is held in the terminal beneath the statue of Nathaniel Taggart.
(b) It is unheated because of the coal shortages.
(c) It gives complete control of Taggart Transcontinental to the government.
(d) It is in Dagny's office.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the obvious symbolism of the Project X machine that is so destructive.

2. Who offers to help Dagny solve the problem of the rotting wooden bridge on her Colorado line?

3. Dr. Potter of the State Science Institute threatens Rearden who pretends not to understand his threats. Why?

4. What does Dagny object to about the San Sebastian Line?

5. How is the secret of their location kept from the outside world?

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