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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10 "The Sign of the Dollar".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the irony of the State Science Institute's demand for 10,000 tons of Rearden Metal?
(a) It showed that the Institute had always supported Rearden.
(b) It was trying to restart the economy by keeping Rearden in business.
(c) It needed the metal because it had effectively cut off steel production.
(d) It had once tried to discredit Rearden Metal.

2. At the party, James Taggart demands that Francisco explain why the San Sebastian mines are worthless. What is Francisco's ironic reply?
(a) He says he gave them the mines to do with as they pleased.
(b) He says he wanted to contribute to the Mexican economy.
(c) He says the mines are not worthless bacuse they contain silver.
(d) He says he gave them the wrong location because he knew what they would do.

3. What is the comparison Francisco makes between John Galt and Prometheus?
(a) John Galt believes the total end is near for all mankind.
(b) John Galt invented fire.
(c) John Galt has been eaten by vultures and is dead.
(d) John Galt is a Prometheus who changed his mind.

4. What causes Dagny to return to Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) News of the tunnel wreck.
(b) Her disgust with Francisco.
(c) James' telephone call.
(d) Her boredom.

5. What does Dagny object to about the San Sebastian Line?
(a) That the Mexican government will subsidise it.
(b) That is was not her idea.
(c) That it is using Rearden steel rails.
(d) That it is going to help the communist government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strange exchange occurs between Dagny and Lillian at he party?

2. What is "the chain"?

3. What prevents Taggart Transcontinental from meeting Rearden's deadline for delivering steel?

4. Why does Phillip want cash instead of a check for Rearden's contribution to Friends of Global Progress?

5. Why do Hank and Dagny try to find the old Twentieth Century Motor company?

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