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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10 "The Sign of the Dollar".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James and Cherryl begin their unlikely romance. Where does James meet her?
(a) Friends introduce them.
(b) At the train station.
(c) At a cocktail party.
(d) In a dime store.

2. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?
(a) Anti-cooperation Rule
(b) Local and Transcontinental Rule
(c) Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule
(d) Every man for himself Rule

3. What was Francisco's nickname for Dagny when they were children?
(a) Slug
(b) Pest
(c) Mouse
(d) Daggy

4. What is the problem Rearden sees in any government that professes to run by committee for the "public good."
(a) It favors industrialists who create jobs for the public.
(b) The committees are selected by popular vote.
(c) There is no morality of right and wrong involved.
(d) The moral purity of a committee cannot know what the public good is.

5. When Dagny demands to be made Vice President in Charge of Operations, what reason does Jim give her for opposing the idea?
(a) Dagny, you'll get married and leave.
(b) Dagny, you don't know anything about railroads.
(c) Dagny, father never intended for you to work at Taggert.
(d) Dagny, you're a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Dagny to return to Taggart Transcontinental?

2. What is Hank's reaction when he discovers Francisco in Dagny's apartment?

3. At the anniversary party, what do Dr. Pritchett, Balph Eubank, and Mort Mort Liddy have in common?

4. What is Dagny's amazing discovery at Twentieth Century Motors?

5. What does Dagny notice before leaving Dannager's office?

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