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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10 "The Sign of the Dollar".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the organization, Friends of Global Progress, view Rearden Steel?
(a) That Rearden represents the blackest element of social retrogression in the country.
(b) That Rearden Steel will be its largest contributor.
(c) That Rearden Steel will one day belong to them.
(d) That it is an indignificant business that will likely fail.

2. When Dagny demands to be made Vice President in Charge of Operations, what reason does Jim give her for opposing the idea?
(a) Dagny, you're a woman.
(b) Dagny, you'll get married and leave.
(c) Dagny, father never intended for you to work at Taggert.
(d) Dagny, you don't know anything about railroads.

3. What caused Francisco's ancestor out of Spain to Argentina where he became wealthy as a copper miner?
(a) The Spanish Revolution.
(b) The Spanish Inquisition.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The Potato Famine.

4. In being true to herself, Dagny still does not get what Francisco has been trying to tell her. What analogy does Francisco make that Dagny misses?
(a) He says everyone must travel the same road to Atlantis.
(b) He suggests that the faceless men will take over.
(c) He compares Dagny to the Unification Board.
(d) He compares her now to the time she waited outside Dannager's office.

5. Who is planning to build diesel engines for Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) Eddie Willers
(b) Dwight Sanders
(c) Francisco d'Anconia
(d) Henry Rearden

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "Fifth Concerto"?

2. What does Rearden sell off after the bill banning people from owning multiple businesses is passed?

3. When Dagny is held up by the stopped train, how does she continue her way to Colorado?

4. What is so revolutionary about the motor that never went into production?

5. What is Dagny's reply to Cherryl's comment that she is "the woman in the Taggart family"?

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