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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 1 "The Man Who Belonged on Earth".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused Francisco's ancestor out of Spain to Argentina where he became wealthy as a copper miner?
(a) The Spanish Inquisition.
(b) The Spanish Revolution.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The Potato Famine.

2. When Dr. Stadler questions why the man who was developing the revolutionary motor was working in a factory research lab, what is Dagny's reply?
(a) Maybe the Science Institute turned him down.
(b) He probably liked living on this earth.
(c) He probably came from somewhere around here.
(d) Maybe he couldn't find another place.

3. A theme that runs throughout ATLAS SHRUGGED is one which shows strength and character outside but emptiness and moral corruption inside. What metaphor does Ayn Rand use to illustrate this idea?
(a) The flaws in Rearden steel.
(b) The deteriorization of New York City.
(c) The engine of a Taggart train.
(d) The old oak tree that was struck by lightning.

4. What is the symbolism of Francisco lying on the floor with his arms spread out to his sides?
(a) Making his pain go away.
(b) His dream of flying.
(c) His confused state of mind.
(d) Sacrifice for what he believes in.

5. Why do Hank and Dagny try to find the old Twentieth Century Motor company?
(a) They are looking for a new car.
(b) They are looking for scrap iron.
(c) The are looking for usable parts for diesel engines.
(d) They are looking for new headquarters for Rearden Metal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rearden's suggestion to Dagny about giving in to the state?

2. Who is planning to build diesel engines for Taggart Transcontinental?

3. What is the irony of the State Science Institute's demand for 10,000 tons of Rearden Metal?

4. At the anniversary party, what do Dr. Pritchett, Balph Eubank, and Mort Mort Liddy have in common?

5. James and Cherryl begin their unlikely romance. Where does James meet her?

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