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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 5 "The Climax of the D'Anconias".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A theme that runs throughout ATLAS SHRUGGED is one which shows strength and character outside but emptiness and moral corruption inside. What metaphor does Ayn Rand use to illustrate this idea?
(a) The engine of a Taggart train.
(b) The flaws in Rearden steel.
(c) The old oak tree that was struck by lightning.
(d) The deteriorization of New York City.

2. When Dagny demands to be made Vice President in Charge of Operations, what reason does Jim give her for opposing the idea?
(a) Dagny, you're a woman.
(b) Dagny, father never intended for you to work at Taggert.
(c) Dagny, you don't know anything about railroads.
(d) Dagny, you'll get married and leave.

3. Who is the childhood friend of Jim and Dagny who now works for them?
(a) John Galt
(b) James Ellis Wyatt
(c) Hank Rearden
(d) Eddie Willers

4. What is "the chain"?
(a) The weakest link in Rearden's new metal.
(b) A means of restraining railroad workers.
(c) The imprisonment of Hank's family.
(d) A bracelet made from the first pouring of Rearden metal.

5. When Dagny demands that Francisco tell her why Ellis Wyatt will be wiped out in Colorado, why does he refuse to tell her?
(a) He says he wants to take over the oil industry.
(b) He says she already knows.
(c) He says she is not ready to hear the answer.
(d) He says only John Galt knows for sure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?

2. How old was Francisco when he took over d'Anconia Copper Mines?

3. At home and in despair, what music is Dagny listening to when she puts down her head and cries?

4. What is the purpose of the party Lillian plans to give in three months?

5. What does Dagny object to about the San Sebastian Line?

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