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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 9 "The Sacred and the Profane".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why will Amalgamated Switch and Signal Company not complete Dagny's order for switches and signals on the Colorado line?
(a) Too many people are opposed to Rearden metal.
(b) They made a deal with Jim Taggart not to supply the equipment.
(c) They cannot get the steel they need.
(d) They believe she cannot pay for the items.

2. Before Hank Rearden, Dagny has had only one lover. She will not tell Rearden his name. Who was he?
(a) John Galt
(b) Francisco d'Anconia
(c) Ragnar Danneskjtzld
(d) Eddie Willers

3. Why do Hank and Dagny try to find the old Twentieth Century Motor company?
(a) They are looking for a new car.
(b) They are looking for new headquarters for Rearden Metal.
(c) The are looking for usable parts for diesel engines.
(d) They are looking for scrap iron.

4. When Dagny demands that Francisco tell her why Ellis Wyatt will be wiped out in Colorado, why does he refuse to tell her?
(a) He says she already knows.
(b) He says he wants to take over the oil industry.
(c) He says only John Galt knows for sure.
(d) He says she is not ready to hear the answer.

5. What game does Francisco play with the Mexican government and the American stockholders in the San Sebastian Mines?
(a) He plays poker with the Mexican President in a winner-take-all game.
(b) He knows the mines are worthless and wants to watch them go down with their own greed.
(c) He plays a game of marbles on the hotel room floor.
(d) He plays charades but no one can guess his subject.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the party Lillian plans to give in three months?

2. Who offers to help Dagny solve the problem of the rotting wooden bridge on her Colorado line?

3. What is so revolutionary about the motor that never went into production?

4. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?

5. James and Cherryl begin their unlikely romance. Where does James meet her?

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