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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 7 "The Moratorium on Brains".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is so unusual about the cigarette Dagny gets from Dr. Hugh Akston?
(a) It is made of unusual tobacco.
(b) It cannot be lit.
(c) It is marked with a gold dollar sign.
(d) It is rolled in colored paper.

2. How does Rand let the reader know that there is a connection between Francisco and Danneskjtzld?
(a) Francisco does not react when Rearden mentions Danneskjtzld's name.
(b) Francisco tells Rearden that Danneskjtzld is coming to the city.
(c) Francisco's horror when he learns that Rearden ordered d'Anconia copper.
(d) Francisco offers to introduce Rearden to Danneskjtzld.

3. At home and in despair, what music is Dagny listening to when she puts down her head and cries?
(a) Halley's opera,
(b) Tchaikovski's Symphony Pathetique
(c) Cry Me a River
(d) Halley's Fourth Concerto

4. How does Hank protect Danneskjtzld when the police arrive?
(a) He pretends to shoot Danneskjtzld who plays dead.
(b) He tells the police that Danneskjtzld is his new bodyguard.
(c) He pulls a gun on the police and chases them off.
(d) He tells the police that Danneskjtzld is James Taggart in disguise.

5. Who offers to help Dagny solve the problem of the rotting wooden bridge on her Colorado line?
(a) Claude Slagenhop
(b) Francisco d'Anconia
(c) Hank Rearden
(d) Phillip Rearden

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?

2. What does Phillip want to leave Henry's house?

3. What is the problem Rearden sees in any government that professes to run by committee for the "public good."

4. Why can Dagny not learn the name of the third student at Patrick Henry University according to Dr. Akston?

5. Atlas is the Greek god who holds the world on his shoulders. In the novel, who is "Atlas"?

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