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Fashions of the 1950s

Find photos of men's and women's fashions in the 1950s. Make a bulletin board with the pictures you find.

Make a Rail Chart

On a map of the US, use a Red marker to outline what would be the Taggart Transcontinental. Use a Blue marker to indicate the John Galt Line. Use a Yellow marker to show the Rio Del Norte Line.

On the Internet Visit and compare Ashley to Dagny

Find articles about Ashley and bring them to class. Discuss how this young entrepreneur became a millionaire just doing what she loves.

Be a Reporter

Conduct interviews with classmates who have really great hobbies or jobs. Then write the interviews up like a newspaper column.

Be Cryptic

Let the class come up with a secret logo that only your class knows about. Put the logo on pencils, notebooks, lockers, etc...

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