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Jan Karon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tim see on Cynthia's roof?
(a) An opossum.
(b) Her cat.
(c) A snake.
(d) Bluebirds.

2. Where do Tim and Cynthia have a picnic?
(a) At the church.
(b) Baxter Park.
(c) On the beach.
(d) In Cynthia's yard.

3. What does Louella tell Tim she is worried about in Chapter 17?
(a) That Sadie is giving up on life.
(b) Dooley.
(c) Her love life.
(d) That she is going to die.

4. What does Cynthia bring over to Tim's house to eat?
(a) Company Stew.
(b) Salad.
(c) Fish stew.
(d) Steak.

5. Where do Cynthia and Tim go for tea?
(a) Tim's house.
(b) The Porter House.
(c) Cynthia's home.
(d) The Grill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cynthia agree to do during Tim's trip?

2. What does Cynthia say she likes about Tim?

3. What does the bishop tell Tim he must do for two months?

4. How did Willard make all of his money?

5. Why isn't the bishop happy with Tim?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think it is a good thing that Dooley goes to Meadowgate for summer vacation? Why or why not?

2. Describe the scene in the hospital after Joe is shot.

3. Why does Cynthia think Tim is angry with her?

4. Why does Dooley get into a food fight? Why isn't Tim more upset about it?

5. Ron Malcolm takes off his shoes and gives them to George Gaynor. Why does he do this? What does this represent?

6. What inscription has Willard carved into the Porter House? Why is this significant?

7. How do Tim and Cynthia part at the end of the book?

8. What is strange about Tim's visit to the church one evening when he is all alone?

9. How does Tim end up in the hospital?

10. Which is your favorite character in this book? Which is your least favorite character in this book? Why?

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