Objects & Places from At Home in Mitford

Jan Karon
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Lord's Chapel - This location is the place where Father Tim is rector.

Mitford - This is the small town where the novel takes place.

The Grill - This is the place where most of the townspeople gather to share coffee and gossip.

Fernbank - This is the large home of Miss Sadie and Louella.

Porter House - This was built by Miss Rose's brother in the hopes that someday he would live there happily.

Baxter Park - This is behind the rectory, where Tim takes his exercise.

Hope House - This is the nursing home funded by Miss Sadie.

Oxford Antique Shop - This is where Andrew Gregory held a showing of Uncle Billy's drawings.

Holding - This is where Holding goes to see his mother.

Collar Button - This is where Tim shops for exercise clothes.

Meadowgate Farm - This is the home of Hal...

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