At Home in Mitford Fun Activities

Jan Karon
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Research the Setting

Research the state of North Carolina. Based on what you've found, describe what sort of setting you think Mitford is in. For example, Is it near the ocean or the mountains? Draw a picture on poster board of what you think the town of Mitford looks like based on Karon's description.


Barnabas is a friendly dog with an outgoing personality. If Barnabas were a person, what would he look like, and how would he talk? Write a description of the dog (as if he were human).


Have students break up into groups and pretend they are one of the character's in Karon's story. The student tries to act like that character (without saying his or her name) while other students try to guess which one is being demonstrated.

Dressing the Part

Have students use clothes at home to 'dress up' like one of...

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