At Home in Mitford Character Descriptions

Jan Karon
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Father Timothy

This character is sixty years old and the son of a dark and silent Episcopal father.

Dooley Barlowe

This character moves into the rectory when his grandfather becomes ill.

Cynthia Coopersmith

This character is an author and illustrator, prefers simple things, and longs for nothing more than companionship.


This character is often uncontrollable and is taken from his owner by a group of drug dealers.

Emma Garrett

This character is the bossy, busybody secretary of Lord's Chapel.

Puny Bradshaw

This character is hired by the vestry to take care of the rectory, and eventually dates a police officer.

Russell Jacks

This character is the gardener and caretaker at Lord's Chapel.

Miss Sadie Baxter

This character is 86 years old and parishioner of Lord's Chapel.


This person is a black character raised in an elderly white woman's family.

Olivia Davenport

This character is a new member...

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