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Short Answer Questions

1. What distinguishes the item from any others that might be similar?

2. Davy watches a/n ________ couple pack up to leave.

3. Who does Father speak with regarding the crimes and the clues gathered thus far?

4. The first guest interviewed is a man with which physical affliction?

5. Who enters the room to explain what has happened to the man?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Davy intend to interview the employees at Bertram's without intimidating them or giving away his angle on the robbery case?

2. What does Humfries know that the others do not? What warning is given to Miss Gorringe?

3. Discuss the interview Father has with Elvira and Lady Sedgwick. Why did Elvira return to Bertram's Hotel?

4. How does Elvira react when Father asks her about previous murder attempts? Discuss at least one of the attempts on Elvira's life.

5. How does Davy learn about Pennyfather's disappearance? What are Davy's thoughts on the matter?

6. What comes out of the interview with Bertram's owners? What does Davy learn?

7. What prevented the couple from calling the police? Who did they call instead?

8. What seems to be odd about the information received from the employees at Bertram's?

9. What piece of information would highly benefit Father and the investigation? Does Father get permission to take the next step? What information does Father discover?

10. What is Elvira's answer when Father asks about a possible relationship with Malinowski?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elvira Blake is a privileged girl of nineteen years. Write a complete character description of Elvira Blake. Include Elvira's fortune and impending inheritance, Elvira's sense of entitlement, and her propensity to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Also be sure to include her relationships with Luscombe, Bridget, her parents, and Malinowski.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Christie's brilliant use of foreshadowing throughout the book. Give at least three examples of foreshadowing. Give details and the purpose of using the technique. How else could the reader learn about the important information? What other technique might have been used?

Essay Topic 3

Canon Pennyfather was scheduled to fly to Lucerne. What was the purpose of the trip? Who else would be in the city? What is Pennyfather's profession? What do you think caused Pennyfather's amnesia? Who was the person that resembled Pennyfather? Do you think Pennyfather had anything to do with the robberies or Gorman's death? Explain.

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