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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the characters wakes up in a strange room?

2. Father spends the evening walking around trying to see the _____ more clearly.

3. What did Elvira see/hear on her way back to Bertram's Hotel?

4. How many people at the hotel seemed to be friendly with Pennyfather?

5. The murder suspect admits to having an affair with another character. Who is it?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Davy intend to interview the employees at Bertram's without intimidating them or giving away his angle on the robbery case?

2. Does Father get any help from the interviews with Luscombe and his cousin?

3. What is Elvira's answer when Father asks about a possible relationship with Malinowski?

4. Who does Miss Marple see while she is out at the park? What does she attempt to do? Is she successful?

5. What seems to be odd about the information received from the employees at Bertram's?

6. Examine the interview Father has with Bridget. What does Bridget disclose to Father? What does Bridget keep from Father?

7. What piece of information would highly benefit Father and the investigation? Does Father get permission to take the next step? What information does Father discover?

8. What comes out of the interview with Bertram's owners? What does Davy learn?

9. What does Davy learn about Pennyfather's return? What step is taken next?

10. What activity does Miss Marple do next on her vacation? What spurs the choice?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chief Inspector Fred Davy works at Scotland Yard. What is Davy's job? Why is he referred to as "Father?" Write a biography on Davy. Also explain the purpose of Scotland Yard and why it appears in most British crime novels.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the relationship between Luscombe and Elvira. Why does Elvira need at guardian if she is nineteen years old? How long will the relationship last? At what age does Elvira receive her inheritance? Are Elvira and Luscombe on good terms? Why, if Luscombe is Elvira's guardian, is he not privy to her financial information through the family lawyer?

Essay Topic 3

Canon Pennyfather was scheduled to fly to Lucerne. What was the purpose of the trip? Who else would be in the city? What is Pennyfather's profession? What do you think caused Pennyfather's amnesia? Who was the person that resembled Pennyfather? Do you think Pennyfather had anything to do with the robberies or Gorman's death? Explain.

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