At Bertram's Hotel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Bertram's Hotel, its location, architecture, and reputation.

Bertram's Hotel is a private hotel located in London. It is an old fashioned hotel fashioned after the hotels of the Edwardian age in England. The hotel is preferred by aristocrat's dowagers, clergymen, and Americans seeking a real English adventure.

2. Describe the opening scene, the first character and the activity of the afternoon.

The first character described is Lady Selina Hazy. Lady Hazy is an observant woman that likes to sit in the lounge of Bertram's Hotel, enjoy the muffins they serve at tea hour, and watches guests walk by.

3. Discuss the interaction between Colonel Luscombe and Miss Gorringe.

Colonel Luscombe goes to the desk to check into his room. Colonel Luscombe is a regular guest so the desk clerk, Miss Gorringe knows him as well as his room preference.

4. Who is Mr. Humfries? How does he know Colonel Luscombe?

Mr. Humfries is the hotel the manager. Humfries knows the Colonel from his many visits to Bertram's Hotel.

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