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Miss Marple shops for these items while on vacation in London.


This is one of Miss Marple's hobbies.


Elvira steals this item in order to pay for a flight to London.

Muffins and Tea

Guests often remark that Bertram's offers the best combination of these in London.


Elvira claims that she received this item while living in Italy.

Walls of Jericho

This is a movie about a woman's struggles with marriage.

Automatic Pistol

This item is used to murder Michael Gorman.


This is the race car with the tag number FAN 2266.

Kensington Air Station

This is the airport from which Canon Pennyfather was to fly if he had not mixed up his dates.

Ballygowlan, Ireland

This is the native home to Michael Gorman.


Canon Pennyfather was supposed to attend a conference in this city.

Milton St. John

This is a small village...

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