At Bertram's Hotel Character Descriptions

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Lady Bess Sedgwick

This character is an English woman who is the equivalent of the modern day extreme sports athlete.

The Honorable Elvira Blake

This character is the daughter of Lady Sedgwick and her first husband.

Ladislaus Malinowski

This character is the half-French and half-Polish race car driver who is rumored to be having an affair with Lady Sedgwick.

Chief Inspector Fred Davy or Father

This character is an investigator with the London police.

Canon Pennyfather

This character is an absent-minded cleric who is a regular guest at Bertram's Hotel.

Michael Gorman

This character is the Irish commissionaire at Bertram's Hotel.

Miss Jane Marple

This character is an elderly woman who appears in many of Agatha Christie's novels and short stories.

Colonel Luscombe

This character is Elvira Blake's guardian and one of three trustees of her inheritance from her father.


This character is Elvira's friend.

Henry, Mr. Humfries, and Miss Gorringe

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