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René Goscinny
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite Crismus' accusation against him, what does Getafix insist?
(a) Escape was necessary.
(b) The shoes are good quality.
(c) The devil likes to dance.
(d) The potion is magical.

2. When Crismus tries to test his new strength, what is he able to lift?
(a) A pebble.
(b) A horse.
(c) A rock.
(d) A chariot.

3. What is Crismus overly confident about regarding Asterix?
(a) That he is dead.
(b) That he will fight again.
(c) That he is defeated.
(d) That he is weak.

4. What does Crismus Bonus threaten to do to Asterix?
(a) Torture him.
(b) Leave him.
(c) Fight him.
(d) Drown him.

5. What does Crismus offer in exchange for an antidote?
(a) To pay them gold.
(b) Ownership over his land.
(c) To free the prisoners.
(d) Access to all of his possessions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the guards in front of the tent scared of Asterix?

2. Why is Getafix willing to make the antidote for Crismus?

3. What is the message or lesson concerning the consequence given to the conspirators?

4. What does Crismus offer as an explanation to the person in the tent?

5. Why is it hard to find the ingredient that Getafix needs?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Asterix use his cunning to rescue Getafix?

2. How does the cart seller respond to Asterix's capture?

3. How is Crismus careless and what does this cost him?

4. How does Asterix gain access to Getaflix's tent?

5. How are future adventures foreshadowed by the end of the novel?

6. How does Asterix fool Crismus Bonus into thinking that he and Getaflix are at Crismus' mercy?

7. How does Crismus finally receive the strawberries he needs to give Getaflix?

8. How does Crismus Bonus respond when he hears about Asterix's arrival?

9. How does Asterix redeem himself in front of Caesar?

10. Why is Caesar not impressed with Crismus?

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