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René Goscinny
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By releasing Asterix, what has Caesar done?
(a) Offered a truce.
(b) Begged forgiveness.
(c) Started the next series.
(d) Began a war.

2. Who finally volunteers for Crimus Bonus' request?
(a) Getafix.
(b) Obelix.
(c) Asterix.
(d) Marcus.

3. Who is the messenger that returns carrying the missing ingredient Getafix needs?
(a) Crismus Bonus.
(b) Tullius Octopus.
(c) Asterix the Gaul.
(d) Marcus Aurelius.

4. What does Crismus Bonus threaten to do to Asterix?
(a) Fight him.
(b) Leave him.
(c) Drown him.
(d) Torture him.

5. Who does Asterix overhear secretly plotting to overthrow Caesar and establish a triumvirate?
(a) Angus and Salinus.
(b) Getafix and Odenix.
(c) Crismus Bonus and Marcus Ginantonicus.
(d) Obelix and Marcus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is released temporarily at the end of Section 4?

2. What does Asterix put on that amuses Getafix but infuriates Crismus?

3. Who says what Crismus lifts is not impressive enough?

4. Where does Getafix go with soldiers in search of ingredients?

5. Who easily defeats the Romans in their efforts?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Crismus Bonus respond when he hears about Asterix's arrival?

2. How does Asterix redeem himself in front of Caesar?

3. How does Getaflix render the Romans powerless?

4. What happens when the Gauls convey the antidote to the Romans?

5. How does Asterix gain access to Getaflix's tent?

6. How does the audience receive the lesson or message that "wrong begets punishment" in the final section of the novel?

7. Why are strawberries important to Getaflix?

8. Why does Crismus Bonus cry?

9. What are three instances that Crismus lies?

10. How do Getaflix and Asterix fool the Romans with their potion?

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