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René Goscinny
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Crismus ask Caligula to do to see the power of Getafix's magic?
(a) Hold up a rock.
(b) Act like a woman.
(c) Braid his hair.
(d) Fly over the castle.

2. Who is the Roman leader that Crismus plots against?
(a) Romulus.
(b) Marcus.
(c) Caesar.
(d) Brutus.

3. What does Caligula do to the Roman soldiers who mock him?
(a) Mocks them.
(b) Defeats them.
(c) Locks them up.
(d) Hides from them.

4. Why does Crismus Bonus want to have Getafix's magic?
(a) To become the emperor of Rome.
(b) To defeat Asterix.
(c) To become a magician.
(d) To move to France.

5. What do the Romans do to the small man who loses in their game?
(a) Lock him up, throw away the key, and put him underground.
(b) Put up on a scaffold, bind him, and announce his death.
(c) Take away his clothes, his dignity, and his hair.
(d) Dress him as a Gaul, chain him, and escort him to the village.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Asterix say that he is going to do to his Roman friends when he arrives?

2. What might Getaflx have taken to maintain his composure?

3. What does Obelix love to eat?

4. What happens when the Gauls try to capture Caligula?

5. While traveling on the road to find Getafix, who does Asterix meet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Crismus Bonus ask Caligula for?

2. What is the Roman plan for Caligula?

3. What happens when Asterix is hunting in the woods?

4. How does Caligula manipulate Getaflix?

5. What is unusual about the Gauls to Crismus Bonus?

6. Describe Obelix.

7. How do the Romans decide who will be Crismus' spy?

8. Describe Asterix.

9. Why does Asterix remain unconcerned about the Romans possibly attacking him?

10. Why does Crismus Bonus want the potion?

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