Asterix the Gaul Character Descriptions

René Goscinny
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This character is the protagonist and a cunning and intelligent Gaul warrior who is small in build yet extremely strong from drinking a potion that defeats four Roman soldiers single-handed in the woods.

Crismus Bonus

This character is a Roman Centurion and a leader at Compendium who is deceitful, greedy, and treacherous.


This character is a cunning druid that makes the potion for the Gaul village who is captured and tortured.

Caligula Minus

This character is an inferior Roman soldier chosen to be the spy on the Gauls after losing a game of musical chairs.


This character is the friend of the protagonist of the story who is large in build, loves to eat boar, and fell into a cauldron full of potion as a baby.

Ox seller

This character is not very bright, meets the protagonist on the road to Compendium, tries the hair...

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