Asterix the Gaul Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

René Goscinny
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Section 1 (1A-11B)

• The Gauls are under the control of Caesar and his Roman invaders.

• Peace reigns in Gaul between the Gauls and Romans, other than occasional German attacks.

• A small Gaulish village in the Northwest region refuses to submit to Caesar and the Romans.

• Asterix, a brave warrior, hunts in the woods.
• Four Roman soldiers attack the small man.

• Asterix defeats the four men.

• The four Romans report their humiliating defeat to the leader of Compendium, Centurion Crismus Bonus.

• Crismus Bonus ponders on the superhuman strength of the Gauls, deciding they must have a secret to their extraordinary strength.

• Asterix relates the tale to his friend Obelix and invites him to eat boar after Obelix finishes his daily delivery route.

• Asterix and Obelix search for Getafix.
• Getafix descends from the tree when he is cutting mistletoe with his golden sickle and gives some potion to...

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