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Chapter 1

• Morris Bober, a struggling Jewish owner of a grocery store, is introduced.

• Ida, Morris' wife, nags him about smoking and the business.

• Julius Karp visits Morris, telling him of potential new competitors and the danger of 'holdupniks.'

• Morris is the victim of a hold-up, and is pistol-whipped.

Chapter 2

• Morris is confined to bed due to his injuries from the hold-up.

• Frank Alpine visits Morris, offering to work for him in exchange for experience.

• Helen has an unsatisfactory date with Louis Karp.

• Morris collapses and Frank takes over for him at the grocery store.

Chapter 3

• Frank performs well at the grocery store and business seems to improve.

• Frank begins to steal food, then money, from the store.

• Frank's role as an accomplice in the hold-up is revealed.

• Frank notices Helen and spies on her.

Chapter 4

• Frank talks to Helen, telling her of his plans to go to...

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