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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, what was Shakur's favorite neighborhood to explore?
(a) Harlem.
(b) Chinatown.
(c) Long Island.
(d) Brooklyn.

2. Who was one of the state troopers Shakur was accused of shooting in Chapter 1?
(a) James Harper.
(b) Phil Smith.
(c) David Andrews.
(d) Rob Taranto.

3. Where did Shakur's grandparents operate a restaurant in Chapter 8?
(a) Red Cross Street.
(b) Bowen Street.
(c) 4th Ave.
(d) Main Street.

4. When was the motion for a change of venue from Middlesex County granted in Chapter 5?
(a) June, 1973.
(b) August, 1973.
(c) September, 1973.
(d) October, 1973.

5. In Chapter 1, when Shakur was in the hospital, who did she believe had escaped?
(a) Hinds.
(b) Zayd.
(c) Sundiata.
(d) Lennox.

6. Where was Shakur kicked at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) Back and knee.
(b) Head and stomach.
(c) Hand and foot.
(d) Side and shoulder.

7. What did Shakur have for breakfast the first day in prison at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) Bacon and eggs.
(b) Eggs, bread, and coffee.
(c) Pancakes and scrambled eggs.
(d) Bread and peanut butter.

8. In Chapter 10, how much did Shakur have to pay an employment agency to get her a job?
(a) 2 weeks salary.
(b) $100.
(c) 1 week salary.
(d) $95.

9. What did Jostling mean in prison?
(a) Shoplifting.
(b) Pickpocketing.
(c) Writing bad checks.
(d) Conning.

10. Where did Shakur live in Chapter 8?
(a) 60th Street.
(b) 80th Street.
(c) 45th Street.
(d) 75th Street.

11. What was the name of the first president that Shakur could remember?
(a) Eisenhower.
(b) Carter.
(c) Kennedy.
(d) Nixon.

12. In Chapter 8, what was the worst block in New York?
(a) Jamaica Avenue between 60th and 61st Streets.
(b) 84th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus.
(c) Riverside between 79th and 80th Streets.
(d) 83rd Street between Park and Austin.

13. In Chapter 8, what streets did Shakur say were richer than where she lived with her aunt?
(a) 79th and 81st.
(b) 100th and 101st.
(c) 77th and 78th.
(d) 90th and 94th.

14. When Shakur was at Riker's in Chapter 9, how long was she left in a room with a woman with tuberculosis?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 4 days.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 1 day.

15. In Chapter 3, how often was Shakur allowed a clean uniform?
(a) Every couple weeks.
(b) Every three days.
(c) Once a week.
(d) Every other day.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 1 on the third or fourth day that Shakur was in the hospital, what accent did a nurse have who came to Shakur's aid?

2. In Chapter 3, when did Shakur make a tape that was broadcast on many radio stations?

3. In Chapter 10, how much did Shakur make at her first job?

4. Compare to other counties, how rich was Morris County?

5. What was the number of Shakur's cell in Chapter 5?

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