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Write 10-15 questions that you would ask Shakur if you could interview her.

Still Black Still Strong

Read Shakur's other book Still Black Still Strong.

Wanted Poster

Create a wanted poster for Shakur.


With a group, research some of the charges against Shakur. Hold a mock trial for one of the trials with some students acting as lawyers, judge, and jury.

Angela Y. Davis and Lennox S. Hinds

These individuals wrote the forwards to the book. Write a short biography for each and explain why they might have been chosen to write the forewards.


Create an itinerary for a trip to Cuba to visit Shakur.

Name Change

Shakur changed her name for personal reasons. Discuss with a group whether you would change your name if you could, and what you would change your name to.

On the Scene

Report live from the scene or write...

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