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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does David speak to about Hattie's disappearance?

2. David finds out that Hattie is being housed in which location?

3. In which city does the man live?

4. Steele wants to know the whereabouts of which person?

5. What item does Steele hit instead?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mac's memory about the conversation with Steele regarding Carpathia's death?

2. What is the purpose of Leon courting the ten new regional rulers? What crime will they be asked to commit?

3. What happens when Chaim arrives at the gala?

4. Why does Chaim want Buck and Tsion to go to the gala?

5. Why is Steele concerned about his real reasons for finding Hattie?

6. What question does Buck frequently ask of Chaim?

7. How many of the Global Community employees have died during the plague? What is Carpathia's comment?

8. Who does Steele meet? What is the couple's story?

9. Examine Steele's experience with the weapons dealer.

10. What happens when Steele fires the weapon for the first time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chaim is asked to attend Carpathia's speech. Although Chaim has great faith, the man is doubtful that he is capable or prepared to make the trip. Explain why Chaim feels that way. Also examine the reason Chaim wants Buck and Tsion to be in the audience. Why is Chaim worried? Is Chaim worried for his safety or because he is unsure of Carpathia's motives? What are Carpathia's motives in relation to Chaim? What would you do in Chaim's place? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

One of the events that captivate Carpathia's audience is the ascension of Eli and Moishe. Explain ascension and how it affects the bodies of Eli and Moishe as well as the crowd. Do you believe the ascension is real? How does it occur? Do you think that ascension is possible? How might it happen?

Essay Topic 3

Carpathia has plans to force non-believers and Christians alike to accept the Mark of the Beast. Those who do not accept the Mark will be executed. Even some of Carpathia's own people worry about scaring the believers with this violent plan. Carpathia claims that the loyal followers have nothing to fear. Do you think this statement is accurate? What might happen if one of the loyal followers converts to Christianity? Do Carpathia's followers, particularly those in the organization, take the man at his word?

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