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Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon does Carpathia use to kill the people?

2. David finds out that Hattie is being housed in which location?

3. Mac admits to himself that he is feeling _____.

4. Carpathia announces that ____ has died.

5. Steele thinks that the box could easily be mistaken for a _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does T chastise Steele?

2. What is the issue between Buck and Chloe?

3. What are the plans for the gala? What does Carpathia say about Eli and Moishe?

4. Why is Steele upset about Hattie's situation?

5. What happens when Chaim arrives at the gala?

6. Examine Steele's experience with the weapons dealer.

7. Name at least one pro and one con about the weapon the weapons dealer is trying to sell to Steele.

8. What does Steele find when he goes to meet the Tuttles at a diner?

9. Tsion says he will not attend that gala. Tsion also reminds his readers about what event?

10. Why does Chaim want Buck and Tsion to go to the gala?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several of the characters claim to have been converted through the writings of Ben-Judah. The internet postings are also credited for bringing people to Christ. Traditionally, Christians learned about Christ through the Bible. Why was it necessary to use other texts? Explain how the writings of Ben-Jordan differ from those of the Bible. Which is more powerful? Which contains more truth?

Essay Topic 2

The main members of the Tribulation Force know that they must be removed from Carpathia's radar if they are to succeed in their mission and maintain a safe existence. Why is that the only way? Are there other ways in which the members of the Force could remain safe? Explain the plans developed by the rest of the group if they should need to escape. Do you think it was a wise or foolish plan? Do you think the plan will eventually be uncovered?

Essay Topic 3

Tsion claims that he has always known that nearly 30 percent of the Bible is pure prophecy and that he does not understand why God would include such things in the book if no one was able to understand the meaning of the passages. What is Tsion's solution to this problem? Do you think that Tsion is correct in separating Prophecy from truth and parables? How does Tsion's belief system affect his interactions with others in the group?

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