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Tribulation Force

A group of Christians which works at trying to help non-believers come to Christ.

The Global Community

The name given to the worldwide government headed by Nicolae Carpathia.


The location of the safe house where Rayford, Chloe, Buck and Tsion live.

The Truth

The name of the cyber magazine produced and written by Buck Williams.

Enigma Babylon One World Faith

The religion led by Peter Mathews; it is a perverted religion that dies with Peter.

Tel Aviv

Where Buck goes to meet Chaim Rosenzweig.


Where the Global Gala takes place.

The Global Gala

An event staged by Carpathia, it's the week during which several pieces of prophecy come true.

Arlington Heights

Where Z makes fake identities for Christians who need to travel under assumed names.


Where Hattie is held after leaving the safe house.

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