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Create a Journal

Create a journal from the point of view of one of the followers in the audience during Carpathia's last speech.

Design a Political Campaign

Carpathia is operating a major political campaign that coincides with his plan for world dominance. Create your own political campaign.

Learn About Airplanes

Carpathia's Condor and other planes are prevalent throughout the story. Learn about airplanes and jets.

Create a Collage

Create a collage of items that might be found in Middle Eastern countries.

Create a Sketch

Create a sketch of Carpathia.

Create a Newspaper

Create a newspaper complete with articles covering the press conferences and speeches given by Carpathia.

Learn about Revelation

Learn about Revelation and the prophecy involved from both a religious and historical standpoint.

Create a Trivia Game

Create a trivia game based on the characters, places and things in the story.

Take a Tour

Take a virtual...

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