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Essay Topic 1

At the end of the story, Buck and Steele go to watch Carpathia give a speech. What is the topic and how does it relate to Carpathia's master plan? What about Carpathia makes his speeches and presence so charismatic? How does the speech affect Buck and/or Steele and his perception of Carpathia? What is Buck's opinion of Carpathia? What is Steele's opinion of Carpathia?

Essay Topic 2

David Hassid and Annie Christopher become involved in a secret relationship. Examine David and Annie's relationship. Why was it kept secret? How might things be different if Annie practiced a different faith? How might things be different if David did not work for Carpathia?

Essay Topic 3

There are many discussions in which Carpathia is referred to as the Antichrist. Many of the characters reference religious texts to prove the point. Explain how the members of the Tribulation Force and...

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