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Chapters 1 through 3

• Reader is introduced to Rayford Steele.

• Steele is angry and upset over the present state of his life.

• Most of Steele's family was taken away.

• The Tribulation Force is introduced.

• The members of the Tribulation Force live in a safe house in Chicago.

• The Tribulation Force tries to convert people to Christianity.

• The main enemy of the Tribulation Force is Nicolae Carpathia.
• Steele worries about the presence of Hattie Durham.

• Steele prays for answers regarding the death of Carpathia.

• Chloe is organizing the International Commodity Co-op.

• After people are forced to take the Mark of the Beast, Christians will no longer be able to purchase things on the open market.
• David Hassid is introduced.

• Hassid works for Carpathia.

• Hassid is working to ensure that Carpathia's people do not interfere with the work being done by the Tribulation Force.
• Hassid arranges for an illegal drop off of...

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