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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was supposed to train Verity in the Skill?
(a) Regal.
(b) Galen.
(c) Shrewd.
(d) Will.

2. On what does Fitz try to concentrate?
(a) Kettricken's welfare.
(b) Kettle's rhymes.
(c) The Fool's stories.
(d) Kettle's stone game.

3. Who does Starling bring to live with Fitz?
(a) A boy named Hap.
(b) A girl who looks like Molly.
(c) Another wolf.
(d) No one.

4. What do the Fool and Fitz do one night?
(a) Go hunting with Nighteyes.
(b) Show the others how to travel in leaps.
(c) Follow Kettle to an old shrine.
(d) Use the skill to injure Will.

5. To whom does Regal vow his loyalty?
(a) Fitz's child.
(b) Verity.
(c) Kettricken's child.
(d) King Shrewd.

6. What Duchy have the Red Ship raiders gone past by Chapter 37?
(a) All of the Duchies.
(b) Buckkeep.
(c) They are still on the coast.
(d) Lawton Keep.

7. What does the band find in chapter 33?
(a) A huge stone quarry.
(b) A marker indicating a turn in the road.
(c) A marker indicating a roadside safe haven.
(d) Three dead men.

8. Why do Fitz and Nighteyes leave the Stone Garden?
(a) To find Molly.
(b) To follow Kettricken.
(c) To kill Regal.
(d) To find a better place.

9. What does Regal do about Queen Kettricken?
(a) Rides to her rescue.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Imprisons her.
(d) Kills her.

10. Of what does the narrator speak?
(a) The way life moves down a line.
(b) The circle of life.
(c) The way a circle does not always meet.
(d) The life line that wavers.

11. Where does Fool follow Fitz?
(a) To where Fitz is washing his clothes.
(b) When Fitz goes to skill in the forest.
(c) When Fitz walks into the woods with Starling.
(d) When Fitz walks into the woods with Kettle.

12. What does the narrator explain about Wit?
(a) It was created to bring some to side with evil.
(b) It is just another aspect of skill.
(c) It is very harmful to people and animals.
(d) It is a misunderstood magic.

13. How are Fitz and Nighteyes as companions?
(a) Uneasy.
(b) Merged.
(c) Comfortable.
(d) Ready to part.

14. How does Verity act towards Kettricken?
(a) He is commanding.
(b) He says he divorced her a long time ago.
(c) He is indifferent and does not remember her.
(d) He is hostile.

15. What have people used for years as protection against others with Skill?
(a) The stone game.
(b) An amulet.
(c) Drinking henbane.
(d) Drawing symbols in the dirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Fitz answers Fool's question?

2. What does Regal do with everything he has stolen?

3. What does Fool believe Regal wants to do with the Elderlings?

4. What do the dragons do about the Red Ship raiders?

5. Why does Nighteyes come to get Fitz when he is with Starling?

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