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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the citizens of the Six Duchies view minstrels?
(a) With laughter.
(b) With fear.
(c) With condescension.
(d) With respect.

2. What do past images of Elderlings resemble?
(a) Elfs.
(b) Unicorns.
(c) Fairies.
(d) Dragons.

3. What does Nighteyes tell Fitz about Kettle?
(a) That Regal's men have kidnapped her.
(b) That she is a spy for Regal.
(c) That she went with Chade.
(d) That she is following them.

4. What does Kettricken ask Fitz about his skill?
(a) How he lost it.
(b) If he can use it to find out where Regal's men are.
(c) Nothing; it's not something that one speaks about.
(d) Why he does not use it to contact Verity.

5. What conversation does Fitz hear as he is sleeping?
(a) Verity speaking with his father's ghost.
(b) A skill-induced conversation between Regal and Burl and Carrod.
(c) Verity speaking with Kittricken.
(d) Verity speaking with Regal.

6. What is one drawback of using skill?
(a) It requires vast amounts of time in preparation.
(b) It reduces one's life span significantly.
(c) It drains the person of energy for days.
(d) It can attract others who can use skill.

7. What do the minstrels have to do with the history of the lands?
(a) They pass on information to everyone.
(b) They serve as the oral history.
(c) They record it in writing, making books.
(d) Nothing.

8. For what does Chade want Fitz to use the skill?
(a) To find Verity.
(b) To find Kettricken.
(c) To kill Regal.
(d) To talk to the Fool.

9. With what kind of animal is Black Rolf bonded?
(a) A wolf.
(b) A badger.
(c) A fox.
(d) A bear.

10. What is the old children's rhyme about that the narrator describes?
(a) Enduring hardship for no reason.
(b) Choosing a poor friend.
(c) Jumping over the candle.
(d) Jhaampe.

11. What does Nighteyes suggest?
(a) That Fitz not walk on the road.
(b) That Fitz be carried.
(c) That Fitz and Nighteyes go ahead through the brush and meet them in three days.
(d) That the group veer East where another road is.

12. What concept is explained more fully in Chapter 16?
(a) Sleep induced memory loss.
(b) Skilling.
(c) Magical attacks.
(d) Wit and the bond between man and animal.

13. Who have gone beyond the mountain?
(a) Many different tribes of men to find a better home.
(b) Those who now come in red ships.
(c) Those who flee justice.
(d) Few people have dared to go beyond.

14. Who wants to follow the Queen and Fitz?
(a) Verity.
(b) Chade.
(c) Kettle and the Fool.
(d) Regal's henchmen.

15. What does Lord Bright do about the Red Ship threat?
(a) Forms an army and goes after them.
(b) Barricades himself and his soldiers.
(c) Flees to the mountains.
(d) Enlists Lady Patience's aid.

Short Answer Questions

1. About whom does the Fool ask Fitz?

2. What do Fitz and his band discover?

3. Who does Regal leave in charge of the Buck Duchy?

4. For where are the prisoners in the cage in Chapter 8 bound?

5. Who saves Fitz when he is attacked in his mind by someone wielding the Skill?

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