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Robin Hobb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, Smugglers Chapter 15, Kettle, Chapter 16, Bolthole, Chapter 17, River Crossing, Chapter 18, Moonseye, Chapter 19, Pursuit, Chapter 20, Jhaampe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tricks Fitz into coming to see him instead of Regal?
(a) Carrod.
(b) Will.
(c) Galen.
(d) Burl.

2. What happens to Fitz on the pulley barge as it crosses the river?
(a) He is attacked and kidnapped.
(b) He goes into a magic induced sleep.
(c) He falls into the icy river.
(d) He is killed.

3. Why does Fitz leave his body in Chapter 8?
(a) To join the battle for Bearns.
(b) To talk to Burrich.
(c) To find Kettricken.
(d) To find Nighteyes.

4. What does Fitz trade in Landing for his journey?
(a) His clothes for warmer wear.
(b) His sword for a better one.
(c) His horse for a mule.
(d) His boots for mountain shoes.

5. What do Fitz and Starling do?
(a) Camp near Blue Lake and decide to winter there.
(b) Camp in the mountains just before Blue Lake and wait there for the rest of their party.
(c) Go across Blue Lake into the moutains.
(d) Go around Blue Lake onto the plains.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the two biggest industries in Buck Duchy?

2. For what does Fitz use his earring?

3. What does Fitz pretend to be to get into Regal's bedchamber before the ball?

4. With whom do Fitz and Starling connect?

5. Why does Nighteyes leave Fitz?

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