Objects & Places from Assassin's Quest

Robin Hobb
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Forged Ones

They are people who are captured by the Red Ships then by some sort of Black Magic, made to be violent killers.


This is the fortress of the Duchy of Keep, and the home of Fitz, Chivalry, Queen Kettricken, Verity and Regal.

The Six Duchies

These are the lands that encompass the peninsula and where the story takes place.

Mountain Kingdom

A land, adequately named, in the tall mountains bordering the Six Duchies.

The Stone Garden

Off the Skill Road in the mountains lies this heavily forested area where finely hewed statues of dragons and other winged beasts lie.

Stone Quarry

At the end of the Skill road is this huge quarry of black stone.

Fitz's Earring

Fitz has this item that Burrich gave him long ago.

Fitz's stick pin

This is a beautiful symbol of King Shrewd's respect and love for Fitz, and he...

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