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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long was the formation of coteries abandoned?
(a) Until the King needed them to defend the keep.
(b) Until the heir to the throne was injured.
(c) Until the queen was killed.
(d) Until Galen assigned his students into new ones.

2. How does Fitz avoid the people that he is wary of?
(a) Using a stick and his cloak.
(b) Using the Skill.
(c) Moving only at night.
(d) Hiding under buildings.

3. What is Regal's plan for Fitz?
(a) To make him look bad to Kettricken and Rurisk.
(b) To be caught committing an act of treason.
(c) To come out the hero by killing Rurisk.
(d) To have him disowned.

4. What does Burrich insist Fitz do before they go to Regal's chamber?
(a) Take a poison preventative.
(b) Put on body armor.
(c) Try to skill Verity.
(d) Find help and protection from Kettricken.

5. Which of the following best describes the relationship between Fitz and Burrich now?
(a) Troubled but overcoming the troubles.
(b) Hesitant.
(c) Close.
(d) Disowned.

6. What does Fitz realize has happened to him that caused his dizziness?
(a) He has been hit over the head.
(b) He has been poisoned.
(c) He has eaten the wrong food.
(d) He has gotten an illness.

7. Which of the following characters finds Fitz near Burrich's bed?
(a) Regal.
(b) Kettericken.
(c) Jhaambe.
(d) Jonaui.

8. Where is Fitz summoned?
(a) Rurisk's chambers.
(b) Kettricken's chambers.
(c) Verity's chambers.
(d) Regal's chambers.

9. Where does Fitz dream that he is?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the stables.
(c) Aboard the ship.
(d) In the king's chamber.

10. What topic does Molly share gossip about with Fitz?
(a) Molly's father.
(b) The death of the queen.
(c) Galen's bruises.
(d) Verity's upcoming wedding.

11. Who does Fitz use the skill to reach out to while he is drowning?
(a) Verity.
(b) Shrewd.
(c) Galen.
(d) Chade.

12. What happens to Fitz after he touches Galen with his own Skill?
(a) Galen collapses and passes out.
(b) Galen sends the boy to the king.
(c) Galen beats him and almost strangles him.
(d) Galen never returns again.

13. What gift does Lady Patience give to Fitz?
(a) Sword.
(b) Horse.
(c) Shield.
(d) Puppy.

14. What question does Fitz ask Kettricken?
(a) If she will help to save his life.
(b) If she will help him to kill Regal.
(c) If she will still marry Verity if her brother is killed.
(d) If she can help him distract Cob.

15. What happened to Nosy?
(a) He was returned to the stables.
(b) He was sent back to Buckkeep.
(c) He was given a hero's welcome.
(d) He died.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Fitz turn to in his loneliness?

2. How is Fitz told to spend his mornings?

3. Who tries to help Fitz come up with a plan to thwart Regal's plans?

4. Who tells Fitz that they will orchestrate Rurisk's death?

5. What does Fitz turn to in order to help him cope with his situation?

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