Assassin's Apprentice Short Essay - Answer Key

Robin Hobb
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1. Who, where and why is Fitz dropped off?

Fitz is dropped off at a fortress by his grandfather who tells the guard that he is tired of struggling to provide for the boy when he is the illegitimate heir to Prince Chivalry.

2. Who takes charge of Fitz after he is dropped off and where does Fitz go to live?

Fitz's care is taken over by Burrich, who takes care of the boy in his own apartment in the stables.

3. How does Fitz feel about his new living arrangements?

Fitz enjoys his new living arrangements in the stables and becomes very close to the animals he finds there.

4. When others want Fitz killed, who stands up for him and why?

When others want Fitz killed, King Shrewd stands up for him by not allowing it and tells the others that he wants to wait and see what becomes of the boy.

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