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Robin Hobb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, Journey.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Chade reveal about his views on Chivalry's death?
(a) He thinks the King ordered it.
(b) He thinks Burrich did it.
(c) He thinks someone in the keep did it.
(d) He thinks it is a lie and Chivlary is not dead.

2. Which character does Fitz ask if he knows Chade?
(a) Lady Patience.
(b) Anvil.
(c) Fool.
(d) Lacey.

3. What does Lady Patience's maid suggest Fitz learn?
(a) How to joust.
(b) How to play an instrument.
(c) How to mix chemicals.
(d) How to court a woman.

4. What name does Lady Patience give to Fitz?
(a) Smithy.
(b) Fool.
(c) Anvil.
(d) Thomas.

5. How is Fitz told to spend his mornings?
(a) Learning the art of being an assassin.
(b) As Lady Patience sees fit.
(c) Raising and caring for the animals in the stables.
(d) Helping Chade.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following terms does Chade tell Fitz that King Shrewd will find him if necessary?

2. Who does Fitz meet with before he journeys into the Mountain Kingdom?

3. What is Fitz's mission?

4. What does Burrich do to himself and Fitz as a sign of mourning?

5. What does Fitz decide to do with the gift from Lady Patience in regards to Burrich?

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