Assassin's Apprentice Fun Activities

Robin Hobb
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Research the time period of this book and dress in or design a costume authentic to the time period and share it with the class.


Imagine that Fitz and Molly remained very close. Write a letter correspondence between the two to cover the events in the entire book.


Write the first chapter of a sequel to this novel.


Provide an alternate conclusion to the events of this novel.


Create a diorama of one place in the novel (Buckkeep, stables, Kelvar, etc.)

Three D Castle

Create a three dimensional model of the castle as seen through Fitz's eyes.

Book Jacket

Create a new book jacket for this book including a summary of the novel and paragraph about the author.


Create a collage using a magazine which represents the main idea of the book as you see it.


Pretend that you are Fitz...

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